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Shocked by the gross inequalities in Ontario’s education system and the way it is hurting the futures of students in working class communities like Thorncliffe, in 2013 TRT decided to organize its very own tutoring program.

Two years of running this program have confirmed for us that while necessary, numeracy and literacy skills are not sufficient. In order for the children and youth of such marginalized communities to understand and change the world around them, we must create an environment that fosters critical thinking and builds capacities so that they may realize their potential as agents of social justice.

TRT’s team of qualified teachers work with students from grade 1 and up, including parents. We encourage our older students to give back to the program in the form of providing free tutoring for younger kids and becoming community organizers.


image(11)Tutoring Grade 1-2

TRT also provides a platform to host skills workshops that are open to high school and post secondary students and anyone who is interested in participating. Largely intended to cultivate leadership capacities amongst the youth and democratize access to skills and knowledge, these workshops are offered by PhD students, professors and activists from around the city. We offer workshops on topics such as writing, presentations/public speaking, researching, facilitating meetings, designing posters, popular theatre and more.

TRT provides an important space to community residents to learn about, discuss and debate local and international issues. It regularly organizes Know Your Rights Workshops, film screenings and community potlucks. At these events, we are joined by respected academics, lawyers and activists who help us to clarify our understanding of what is happening around us.

When: Every Sunday

Time: 12pm – 2pm

Where: Jenner Jean-Marie Community Center, 48 Thorncliffe Park Drive

** Please note that the Community Learning Centre only runs during the school year. Our first session for the upcoming school year will be on September 27th, 2015.**