Reaching and Teaching

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TRT holds tutoring sessions for people of all ages. Photo courtesy of TRT.

Every Sunday, over thirty students aged 4 to 28 and even adults attend a free tutoring program called Thorncliffe Reach-Out Teach-In (TRT) at 47 Thorncliffe Park Drive.

TRT started one year ago by young adults who were members of other local social justice organizations to raise awareness on issues such as tenants’ rights issues. TRT started off as a tutoring program, but is starting to provide a variety of workshops to expose their youth to important skills that “everyone should have”.

TRT also hosts workshops for parents to learn more about their rights as a resident and as a Toronto citizen. Topics of previous workshops include educational gap between Thorncliffe schools and Leaside, the neighbouring community, schools – one cause of the issue being lack of involvement of parents at schools, which is because parents don’t have much time from working long hours and trying to make their financial ends meet.
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